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How much does it cost to have uPVC windows and doors sprayed?

Save time and effort by spraying your uPVC windows and doors

Upvc Window spraying

 Having windows sprayed typically costs around 35% the cost of having them replaced. Average windows cost between £200 and £300, depending on window size and complexity. Thats not all, no damage will be caused during the spraying process, sadly the same cannot be said when windows and doors are replaced. In many cases it is more cost effective to have white uPVC windows and doors installed and then sprayed in any colour you choose, than it is to have coloured windows and doors installed. uPVC front doors can also be sprayed to match the windows or can be sprayed in a different colour to form a contrasting look to  your home or business. Why not give us a call or drop us an email to find out more?

Spraying uPVC is a very cost effective solution to improve the look of your home or business

We spray your uPVC windows and doors

uPVC spraying at your home or place of business

Over 20 years working in the painting industry.

Our professional uPVC spraying services in Nottingham are the perfect way to give your existing windows, doors, facia boards and soffits a brand new look without breaking the bank! Our technical surface spraying specialists have years of experience working in the painting industry and provide an expertly crafted sprayed finish for your uPVC that not only looks like its newly installed straight from the manufacturer but more importantly, will stand up to the elements for years and years to come. Our knowledge, skill and expertise in the paint spraying industry, in combination with the highest quality materials and modern spraying methods really do stand the test of time.

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Why have uPVC windows and doors sprayed?

Breathe a new lease of life into your existing windows and doors at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Cost effective

Having your existing uPVC windows and doors sprayed is a highly cost effective way of improving the aesthetics of your home or business. 


When uPVC windows and doors are sprayed the paint acts as a protective barrier, thus helping to prolong the life of the uPVC.


At The Spray Guys we only use the very best materials and fully prepare all surfaces to ensure the perfect finish every time. 

Weatherproof coating system

at The Spray Guys Nottingham we use a special exterior paint to spray your windows and doors. You can rest assured that your windows and doors will stay looking at the best for their longest time possible, as well as being protected from all weather conditions.

Virtually limitless colour choice

Grey Windows

Whilst at the moment most of the uPVC windows and doors we spray are finished in Anthracite Grey, the number of colours available is staggering. All Ral colours, BS colours and even Farrow and Ball colours can be matched.

Craftsmanship you can trust

Quality spraying

Every spraying project we undertake is in accordance with best practices, manufacturers recommendations and most importantly, care and attention to detail. Your windows and doors will look stunning, we steak our reputation on it.

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